Free Chronic Pain Webinar

Our pain management center will help you find a diagnosis for your pain condition.

If you are searching for a diagnosis on your pain condition and want to know the details surrounding your pain problems, you are not alone. Increasingly, patients want to know for themselves more about their own health status, and the modern diagnostic technology and the comprehensive pain assessment process implemented by the physicians at our pain management center are allowing this to happen. Questions which provoke answers that will aid in pain assessment and diagnosis, and the formulation of an individualized treatment plan are as follows: when/how did your pain start and how often does it occur?; what does your pain feel like and at what level is your pain on a scale from 0-10?; what increases/decreases your pain?; do you have any numbness or weakness?; does your pain wake you up at night or keep you from falling asleep?; and do you have any changes in your bowel/bladder?

Effective treatment for any pain condition is completely dependent on obtaining the correct diagnosis first. That said, we encourage you to be open and honest during initial evaluation consultations so that we are able to help you manage your pain and find relief for a better quality of life. To obtain an accurate diagnosis and to learn more about your acute or chronic pain condition, contact our pain management center.

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