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Pain & Debilitating Conditions

Pain is highly subjective, and thus can be a minimal barrier to some but debilitating to others.  In addition, the quality of your pain is individualized with a variety of possible presentations.  At NIPM, we realize this and will take into account these factors when choosing a treatment plan that best works for you. Michigan Pain & Debilitating Conditions Doctors.

Pharmacologic Pain Management

At NIPM we strive for a treatment plan to best control your pain symptoms.  The best way to achieve this is to treat the underlying condition.  Some medications can do this (e.g motrin, naproxen, muscle relaxants).  However, at times this is not an option and your condition requires extensive pharmacological management.  In this circumstance, a multimodal approach is usually used so we can combine medications with a different mechanism of action for an additive effect. Michigan Pharmacologic Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management can be one of the best ways to treat the underlying cause of your condition.  Using your clinical history, physical exam findings and imaging, we will discuss possible diagnoses and present treatment options.  With interventional treatment we can target the root cause of your pain.  This can be done with nerve blocks and ablation, focused medication delivery and neuromodulation.   Our job is to give you options, and together we decide what works best for you. Michigan Interventional Pain Management


Neuromodulation refers to changing the way you perceive pain.  By providing electric stimulation along certain areas in your body pain signals can be blocked.  We can also deliver opioid and non-opioid medication straight into the cerebrospinal fluid, which is in direct connection with the central nervous system.  With neuromodulation, we are able to provide stronger pain control without the side effects of oral medication. Michigan Neuromodulation Pain Control

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