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Find pain relief through interventional pain management: a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Interventional pain management is an integrated approach to treatment, in which a team – comprised of healthcare professionals from different medical disciplines – works together to help you find relief from your acute or chronic pain condition. It is through this multidisciplinary treatment approach that patients have access to a full range of advanced techniques, such as epidural, joint, or trigger point muscle injections, nerve root and medical branch blocks, spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulators, intrathecal drug pumps, and radiofrequency denervation. The physicians at our pain management center may use interventional services for diagnostic purposes, to determine the source of pain, or therapeutic purposes, to treat painful acute or chronic conditions. Other purposes may be prognostic, to predict the outcome of other interventional treatments, or preemptive, to prevent other pain conditions that could result from certain procedures.

To receive a full list of available services, treatments, and techniques, and to determine if interventional pain management is the best method of treating your acute or chronic condition, contact our pain management center. This form of pain management may just be the intervention you have been looking for to stop letting pain control your life and start finding the relief that you deserve.


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