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About NeuroInterventional Pain Management

Since 2014, NeuroInterventional Pain Management (NIPM) has been giving its patients a better quality of life. NIPM consists of two state of the art medical facilities designed solely to find relief for patients struggling with chronic pain. With the latest in medical technologies, a broad spectrum in pain management treatments, and a staff of experts in their fields, patients are discovering every day that they don’t have to live in pain.

Pain management is a relatively new field that has only been in existence for the last thirty years. Keen on the importance of the pain management field, our specialists set out to find a way to better serve their patient. Each member combines their vast array of specialized backgrounds to bring multiple levels of diagnoses and treatments to the patients, mixing both traditional and non-traditional styles.

In addition to medical technology, the staff at NIPM believe in taking their time to really listen to their patients. Pain sufferers are often seeking help after previous attempts to address their pain have failed. This is where the skilled members at NIPM steps in to try and shed new light on what may have been a previously unfavorable prognosis. Whether the method is tried-and-true or cutting edge, each individual receives a customized treatment plan to meet his or her needs, in an environment that is always comfortable and respectful.

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